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KeKe Nova

Versace Mansion Shoot

All About KeKe Nova

Keke Nova is a hip hop Music Artist and all around professional entertainer. From Hosting to Acting, Raping to Songwriting, Dancing to Singing Keke does it all.

The emerging west coast artist KeKe Nova has a fresh new sound. This female rapstress delivers flows and singing vocals over high energy tracks written by Keke herself. She conveniently ties Hip Hop to sounds like EDM, POP, and R&B in a dynamic twist. 
The Los Angeles born and raised artist grew up listening to a variety of genres. Hip Hop, Funk, Regge, Rock, Musicals and R&B were huge influences in Keke Nova's music development. Attending live concerts with her father and musicals with her mother and family were also strong influences that helped develop her ear for music, and passion for the arts. African drums and piano were key instruments, that helped develop her ear for music as she was apart of professional dance companies and theater productions that trained her.

LA rappers such as Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and DJ Quick showed Keke that the city had love for the poets who could rap over a dope beat. Growing up, the south has the sound she craved, the East Coast had the swag adored and the Midwest had the soulfulness she needed. She also felt that Latin America had the spice and the international scene embraced music from all over the world. 
Keke's goal is to take something special from each music scene and combine all of that in her music and artistry.

With Keke's Background in dance and acting, she is eager to change the perspective of what a female rapper is all about. Not only is Keke a creative being, she is also a scholar. She received a full academic scholarship to Holy Names University in Oakland California and spent time on the business & media management side of the entertainment industry. With past experience in brand management, PR and events she is a well rounded artist. After dedicating time to other peoples careers Keke Nova is now stepping on the scene with a fresh face and a fresh sound to match.